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Requirements for the Major and Minor

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Majoring in Philosophy requires the following 30 credits :


  • Two of the following History of Philosophy courses (6 credits):

                              PHIL300   Medieval Philosophy

                              PHIL301  Ancient Philosophy

                              PHIL303  Modern Philosophy

  • One of the following Epistemology courses (3 credits):

                             PHIL305  Twentieth Century Philosophy*

                             PHIL306  Philosophy of Science

                             PHIL320  Theory of Knowledge

  • One of the following Metaphysics courses (3 credits):

                             PHIL305  Twentieth Century Philosophy*

                             PHIL315  Metaphysics

                             PHIL330  Philosophy of Mind

  • PHIL465  Senior Seminar (3 credits) (The senior seminar is only being offered in the fall semester so please plan accordingly).
  • Three Philosophy elective courses (9 credits), to include:

                             One three-credit course at the 300-level or above

                             One three-credit course with multicultural content

Courses with multicultural content include PHIL204 World Religions, PHIL208 Introduction to Jewish Philosophy, PHIL210 Women and Religion, PHIL216 Introduction to Feminist Theory, PHIL307 Black Thought and Philosophy, PHIL309 Indian Religion and Philosophy, PHIL 310 Chinese Religion and Philosophy, PHIL327 Race, Gender, Science, PHIL335 Buddhist Philosophy, and PHIL337 Daoist Thought.

PHIL305 can be used to satisfy either the requirement in Epistemology or the requirement in Metaphysics, but not both.


A minor in philosophy requires a minimum of 15 credits, consisting of PHIL105 or 205; PHIL301 or 303; an additional 300-level PHIL course; and two PHIL electives.

Some further points of note:

  • You must have a grade of C- or better in all courses that you use to satisfy the requirements of the major.  A grade of C- or better is also required for English 110, your second writing course, and the CAS breadth requirements.  Grades below C- may be used as free electives, and to meet the math and foreign language requirements for the degree.
  • To graduate, you must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0, as well as a cumulative major GPA of 2.0 in classes that count toward your major. 
  • Majors must take the senior seminar, PHIL 465, which is listed as a second writing course.  Remember that second writing courses count as such only if you have completed 60 credits before taking them.  So, if you take PHIL 465 before you have completed 60 credits, it will not fulfill your second writing requirement, but will fulfill your senior seminar requirement.       

  • Note that many philosophy courses may be used to meet CAS and university breadth requirements as well counting toward the major or minor. (However the CAS groups, A-D, require work in at least two different departments.)

  • The department currently does not have any special DLE courses. Options to satisfy the university DLE requirement include: study abroad, teaching assistantship, internship, independent study (Phil 366), or a DLE course in another department. (Discuss these options with your advisor.) 

  • P/F courses may only be used as free electives and will not count toward the major or minor.  You are limited to one P/F course per semester, and 24 credits toward the degree.

  • Repeated courses count only once toward your degree.

  • Substitutions for the major requirements require the approval of the department chair.  Exceptions to other requirements require the approval of the Dean, and require substantial justification.

For more information about applicable University and College of Arts and Sciences requirements for a bachelor of arts degree, see the UD Catalog.


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Major Requirements
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Requirements for the Major and Minor
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