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How Your Gift helps

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Every year, gift money helps to support, or funds entirely, a wide range of activities that enrich the life of the department.  With your support, we are able to put on high profile, university-wide events that stimulate philosophical discussion and introduce the discipline to a wider audience.  We have hosted debates, panel discussions, speakers, and conferences, in which leading thinkers on controversial issues are invited to campus for a thoughtful exploration of those issues. The prestigious Norton lectures, for example, have brought some of the most renowned philosophers in their fields to Delaware. 

Most importantly, your donations enable the department to better serve its students.  We are able to hire undergraduate TA's to help with classes and to learn the profession; we can offer cash prizes for student writing contests; we can continue to honor student excellence through the Plummer and Palmer prizes.  We are able to further enrich the undergraduate experience of our majors by subsidizing their attendance at conferences.  Each semester we also have visiting speakers participate in the senior seminar—students love to meet the authors they read in the seminar, and the faculty like it too.

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How Your Gift helps
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How Your Gift helps
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