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Past Lectures

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Spring 2019 

         Jeremy Waldron, NYU, School of Law, "Philosophical Foundations for Migration Law"

Fall 2018   

         Roy Sorensen, Washington University in St. Louis, "Never Ending News"

Spring 2018

         Kok-Chor Tan, University of Pennsylvania, "International Territorial Rights:  An Institutional Account"

Spring 2017

         Victor Tadros, University of Warwick School of Law, "A Moral Law for War"

Fall 2016   

        Samantha Harris, Foundation of Individual Rights in Education (FIRE), "Due Process and Sexual                    Misconduct on Campus"

Fall 2015   

         Jason Stanley, Yale University, "The War on Thugs:  Propaganda, Politics, and Mass Incarceration"

Spring 2015

         Samuel Scheffler, New York University, "Why Worry About Future Generations?"

Fall 2014   

         Douglas Husak, Rutgers University, "Why Does Our Punitive Drug Policy Persist?  A Speculative                         Thesis"

Spring 2014                        

         Alexander Nahamas, Princeton University, "Can the Art of Living Be Taught?"

Fall 2013  

         Philip Pettit, Princeton, "Democracy and Justice"

Spring 2103                        

         Walter Sinnott-Armstrong, Duke University, "Are Psychopaths Responsible?"

Fall 2012   

         Philip Kitcher, Columbia University, "Ethics as a Human Project"

Spring 2012                        

         Michael Bratman, Stanford University, "The Philosophical Significance of the Human Ability to Plan"

Fall 2011  

         Ronald Dworkin, New York University School of Law, "Religion Without God"

Spring 2011

         Margaret Gilbert, University of California, Irvine, "Dark Duties:  Does "I was ordered to do it" excuse                  a bad action?"

Fall 2009  

         Larry Temkin, Rutgers University, "Rethinking the Good:  Moral Ideas and the Nature of Practical                      Reasoning"

Spring 2009                        

         Samuel Freeman, University of Pennsylvania, "Social Bases of Distributive Justice"

Fall 2007   

         Holmes Ralston Ill, Colorado State University, "The Future of Environmental Ethics"

Spring 2006

         Elliott Sober, University of Wisconsin-Madison, "What's Wrong with Intelligent Design Theory?"

Fall 2005   

         Daniel Dennett, Tufts University, "Darwin, Meaning, Truth & Morality"

Spring 2005                        

         Nel Noddings, Stanford University, "Public Schools in Peril:  A Threat to Democracy?"

Fall 2004  

         Richard Rorty, Stanford University, "The Priority of Imagination over Reason"

Spring 2004                        

         Judith Thomson, MIT, "On Some Human Rights"

Fall 2003

         Virginia Held, Virginia Held, CUNY, "The Caring Person"

Spring 2003

         John Perry, Stanford University, "Is there Hope for Compatibilism?"

Spring 2002

         Peter Singer, Princeton University, "Ethics and the Global Community"

Fall 2001  

         Glenn McGee, University of Pennsylvania, "What's in the Dish?  Stem Cells and the New Ethics of                    Human Development"

Spring 2001                        

         Louise Antony, Ohio State University, "Natures, Norms and the Foundations of Liberalism"

Spring 2000

         Theodore Glasser, Stanford University, "Accountability in Journalism:  What's Missing, What's                             Needed"

Spring 1999

         Paul Churchland, University of California, San Diego, "How the Brain Embodies Moral Knowledge:                    New Insights from Neural Network Theory"

Spring 1998                        

         Mark Sagoff, University of Maryland, "Is the Environmental Crisis Over"

Spring 1997

          Michael Krausz, Bryn Mawr College, "Chosing What One is Cut To Be:  Reflections on David Norton”.

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