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About David Lloyd Norton

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Born: 27 March 1930, St. Louis, MO Died: July 24, 1995 Married Joan M. Carter, 1953 Children: Anita Lee Kronsberg, Ronald Vallet Norton, Peter Daniel Norton Divorced and Married Mary F. Kille, 1970 Children: Timothy Tucker Norton; Cory Dana Norton Grandchildren: Rachel Leah Kronsberg, Will David Norton, Paul Richard Norton


B.S., Civil Engineering, Washington University (St. Louis),1952 M.A., Philosophy, Washington University, 1962 Ph.D., Philosophy, Boston University, 1968 Thesis Title: "Transcendental Imagination: A Post?Kantian Appraisal"


1978-1995: Professor of Philosophy, University of Delaware 1978-1979: Visiting Professor, Philosophy, Hull University, Yorkshire, England 1973-1978: Associate Professor of Philosophy, University of Delaware 1966-1973 Assistant Professor of Philosophy, University of Delaware 1962-1966: Leader, Ethical Society of Boston 1958-1962: Associate Leader, Ethical Society of St. Louis 1954-1958: Architectural Engineer, The Norton Co., St. Louis 1953-1954: Civil Engineer, California Highway Dept., San Francisco 1952-1953: 2nd Lieutenant, USAF, San Antonio, Texas 1951: Uranium prospector. Atomic Trace Elements Unit, U.S Geological Survey, Alaska 1950: Smoke jumper, U.S. Forest Service, Missoula, Montana


Soka University, Tokyo, Award of Highest Honor, August 11, 1990 Soka University, Tokyo, Honorary Doctorate, awarded October 18, 1991

Publications: Books

  • Imagination, Understanding, and the Virtue of Liberality (Rowman & Littlefield, 1996), ix, 118 pages, indexed.
  • Democracy and Moral Development (University of California Press, Jan., 1991), xvi, 198 pages, indexed.
  • Personal Destinies: A philosophy of Ethical Individualism (Princeton University Press, 1976), xiv, 398 pages, indexed.
  • Philosophies of Love co-edited with Mary F. Kille (San Francisco and New York: Chandler Intext, 1971). 370 pages + preface. Revised edition, Rowman & Allenheld, 1983.
  • Japanese Buddhism and the American Renaissance (Tokyo: Institute of Oriental Philosophy, 1993). English and Japanese language editions, 36 and 56 pages respectively.

Publications: Articles and Book Chapters

  • "Moral Integrity, Organizational Management, and Public Education,” International Journal of Public Administration, vol. 17, no. 12, pp. 2259-2284.
  • "Education for Self-Knowledge and Worthy Living," John Howie & George Schedler, eds. Ethical Issues in Contemporary Society (Carbondale: Southern Illinois University Press, 1994), Ch. 6.
  • "Education for Moral Integrity," Dayle M. Bethel, ed., Compulsory Schooling and Human Learning: The Moral Failure of Public Education in America and Japan (San Francisco: Caddo Gap Press, 1994), Ch. 1.
  • "Parents as Learning Enablers," Bethel, Compulsory Schooling, Ch. 6.
  • "On Recovering the Telos in Teleology, or 'Where's the Beef?'" The Monist, vol. 75, no. 1, Jan. 1992, pp. 3?13.
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  • "Escaping from The Education Trap: A New University of Delaware Program for Mature Students," Sunday Wilmington News Journal, September 11, 1988.
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  • “Is 'Flourishing' a True Alternative Ethics?,” Reason Papers, no. 10, Spring 1985, pp. 101-105.
  • “Life Shaping Choices,” The Humanist, Sept./Oct. 1983, pp. 41-42.
  • “Good Government, Justice, and Self-Fulfilling Individuality,” in Roger Skurski, ed., New Directions in Economic Justice (Notre Dame University Press, 1983), pp. 33-52.
  • “Nature and Personal Destiny: A Turning Point in the Enterprise of Self-Responsibility,” in A. T. Tymieniecka, ed. The Philosophical Reflection of Man in Literature (Reidel, 1982), pp. 173-184.
  • "Toward the Community of True Individuals," in Konstantin Kolenda, ed., Person and Community in American Thought (Rice University Press, 1981), pp. 119?133.
  • "On an Internal Disparity in Universalizability: Criterion Formulations," The Review of Metaphysics, XXXIII, no. 3, March 1980, pp. 51?59.
  • "On the Tension Between Equality and Excellence in the Ideal of Democracy," in Maurice Wohlgelernter, ed., History, Religion, and Spiritual Democracy: Essays in Honor of Joseph L. Blau (Columbia University Press, 1980).
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  • "On Teaching Students What They Already Know," School Review (Chicago University Press), vol. 82, no. 1, November 1973, 45?56.
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  • "Humanism as a Culture," The Humanist. no. 6, 1963, pp. 180?184.
  • "The Elders of Our Tribe," The Nation. February 18, 1961.
  • "Return to the Hearths Longing," The Nation, August 20, 1960.
  • "New Ear for Emerson," The Nation. March 12, 1960.
  • 20 essays for the Sunday Cultural Supplement of the St Louis Post-Dispatch. 1958:196

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