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Our Teaching

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​Professor Noel Swanson

The UD Philosophy Department aspires to be the best undergraduate-only philosophy department in the world.  That requires excellence in both teaching and research. In terms of teaching, we excel by several standards.  Peer evaluations of our teaching are uniformly highly positive.  Student evaluations of our teaching--whether in letters, conversation, or in the course evaluations that most students submit for each class they take--could hardly be better.  Last semester, for example, student evaluations of our courses yielded an average course ranking of 4.65 on a five point scale (where 1 is "poor" and 5 is "excellent").  Nor was last semester in any way anomalous.  There is no question about it: UD students love their philosophy courses!

Some of our faculty have also received prestigious awards for their teaching efforts.  Professor Alan Fox won the "Delaware Teacher of the Year" award a few years ago, and he and Jeff Jordan have also won university teaching awards.  Other members of the department have been nominated for college or university teaching awards.

The department has also contributed substantially to the UD Honors program and to the Study Abroad program.  In recent years, we have been offering an exciting opportunity to study in Italy during the winter session.  We plan to do the same next year.  If you want more information about that, you can contact Jeff Jordan or Richard Hanleyboth of whom have taught courses in Italy in recent years.  You can also find out more from the IGS Study Abroad webpage.

To learn more about our curriculum, you can read the course descriptions for all of our regularly taught courses.  You may also want to see what our course schedule is for this semester.

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Our Teaching
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Our Teaching
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