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Recent Publications

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The UD Philosophy Department aspires to be the best undergraduate-only philosophy department in the world.  That requires excellence in both teaching and research.  In terms of research, we consistently publish articles in prestigious journals and produce books with the best presses.  Here are a few of our most recent publications:

Adams, Fred (with D. Weiskopf) 2015: An Introduction to the Philosophy of Psychology. Cambridge Univ. Press.

Boorse, Christopher 2014: "A Second Rebuttal on Health." Journal of Medicine and Philosophy 39: 683-724.  Journal issue title: "Christopher Boorse and the Philosophy of Medicine."

Draper, Kai 2015: War and Individual Rights: The Foundations of Just War Theory .  Oxford Univ. Press.

Fox, Alan 2015: "Zhuangzi’s Weiwuwei Epistemology: Seeing Through Dichotomy to Polarity," in Kohn, Livia, ed., New Visions of the Zhuangzi.  Three Pines Press, pp. 61-71.

Greene, Mark 2013: "Saving a Life but Losing the Patient." Theoretical Medicine and Bioethics 34(6): 479-498. 

Jordan, Jeff 2015: "The Topography of Divine Love: a response to Thomas Talbott." Faith & Philosophy 32/2: 182-87.

Powers, Tom (with DG Johnson) 2014: "Ethics and Technology: A Program for Future Research" in Society, Ethics, and Technology, 5th edition, eds. M. Winston and R. Edelbach. Wadsworth Publishing.

Pust, Joel 2015: "Beauty and Generalized Conditionalization: Reply to Horgan and Mahtani." Erkenntnis 79: 687-700.

Rogers, Katherin 2015: Freedom and Self-Creation: Anselmian Libertarianism.  Oxford University Press.

Schueler, Fred 2019:  'Why and How? Teleological and Causal Concepts in Action Explanation'

In Gunnar Schumann (ed.), Explanation in Action Theory and Historiography. Routledge. pp. 59-77.     

Schueler, Fred 2017:   'Deliberation and Desire' In Federico Lauria & Julien Deonna (eds.), The Nature of Desire, Oxford University Press. pp. 305-324. 

Shabo, Seth 2015: "It Wasn’t Up to Jones: Unavoidable Actions and Intensional Contexts in Frankfurt Examples." Philosophical Studies 169:3: 379–399.

Swanson, Noel (with David Baker and Hans Halvorson) fothcoming: "The Conventionality of Parastatistics." British Journal for the Philosophy of Science.

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Recent Publications
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